1. Mission System

1. What is the mission?

    There are many goals set in the game, and if you meet the conditions of a mission, you can get rewards for the mission. Missions are divided into four categories: Expedition, Construction, Heroes, and Resources, Training / Crafting.

2. Can I complete the same mission multiple times?

    Each specific mission can only be completed once. After receiving the reward, the mission will disappear and the next mission in the series will appear.

2. Hero System

1. How can I get a hero?

    You can get heroes in "Summon", and you can train heroes in the "Training Camp" building, or you can get heroes through expedition levels.

2. How to level up Heroes?

    Level up your Heroes to increase their powers. Leveling up your hero to increase their stats (attack, health, defense points), including their Special Skill and maxing the level for ascension.

A Hero can be leveled up by:

    1. Go to your Hero Roster by pressing Heroes icon at the bottom of your screen

    2. Select a Hero from the Hero Roster

    3. Press “Level Up”.

    Leveling Up a Hero requires sacrificing other Heroes (and a little food, your heroes get hungry!) The amount of Experience Points and food needed to Level Up the Hero is specified on the “Level Up” screen.

    A Hero’s stats, as well as the chance to power up its Special Skill, will become higher if Heroes of the same colour are sacrificed when Leveling Up.

3. How to level up the special skill of a hero?

    When you level up a hero, its skill also have a chance to be increased. If your hero’s level is max, but the level of skill is not max, the level up probability will be significantly increased.

4. How can I ascend my Heroes?

    Each Hero can Ascend after reaching a certain level to significantly boost the Hero’s stats. You can Ascend a Hero by:

    ⦁ Selecting it from your Hero Roster

    ⦁ Pressing “Ascend”. The amount of levels needed for Ascension can be viewed in each Hero’s Ascension screen.

    Heroes also need special Ascension Items in order to Ascend. High level ascension materials are rare by design, but there are several ways to get them:

    ⦁ Loot from later provinces has a chance for most of the rare Ascension materials

    ⦁ Rare Quests include many of the rare Ascension materials as guaranteed loot

    ⦁ Wanted mission rewards and high level Titan loot have a chance to give out any high level ascension material

    The more stars a Hero has, the more times it can Ascend. (4 and 5 star heroes can Ascend 3 times, 2 and 3 star Heroes twice and one stars once.)

    Ascended Heroes will reset back to level 1, but their power will be far greater than it was before.

5. What is the Summon?

    If you are ever in need of extra Heroes, they can be Summoned through the “Summon”. All of the Heroes and Troops are available in exchange for Gold or Hero Tokens.

    ⦁ You can Summon one Hero or Troop every day in the Daily Summon. These Heroes and Troops are limited to one starred, two starred and three starred ones.

    ⦁ You can summon more powerful Heroes from the Epic Hero Summon. An Epic Summon will give you an at least three star Hero with the possibility of four and five star Heroes.

    ⦁ The Elemental Summon behaves likewise, with an increased chance for five star Heroes but limited to Heroes of a certain Color. The Elemental Summon’s color changes every two days.

    ⦁ The Epic Troop Summon can be used to summon Troops. A Summon guarantees you receive a three star Rare Troop with a possibility of a four star Epic Troop.

    Summons usually cost Gems, but there are special Tokens which will give you a free Summon:

    ⦁ Summon Tokens give you another free Daily Summon

    ⦁ Epic Hero Tokens allow you to do a free Epic Hero Summon

    ⦁ Epic Troop Tokens enable an Epic Troop Summon.

6. What are Troops and how can I use them?

    Troops are foot soldiers used in battles to attack enemies. Like Heroes, they come in different Elements and can be leveled up for increased damage.

    You can get Troops by completing levels and Summoning them through the Summon. Troops are equipped to Heroes of corresponding Colors by selecting the Troop in the “Edit Team” view.

    Troops can be upgraded in Barracks, an Advanced building which becomes available once your Stronghold has been upgraded to level 10. You can level up a troop by sacrificing other troops.

7. What are Instructors and how can I get more of them?

    The Instructors are also a kind of heroes. You can also put them into a team to participate in the battle. At the same time, they’re very suitable for upgrading heroes.

3. Expedition System

1. How can I take an Expedition battle?

    Click the "Expedition" to enter the Expedition map, and select the level you have unlocked. Expedition battle will consume some Expedition Energy.

2. Can I fight the same level repeatedly?


    You can fight the same level repeatedly and get rewards.

3. Will I definitely get rewards that the level displays?

    The rewards that the level displays are just what you can get probably, and each reward display is randomly generated.

4. What is looting?

    If you want to save time, looting is a good choice. You can loot the level by consuming "Loot Ticket" and corresponding Expedition Energy, you will automatically win and get the corresponding reward. Please remember that you can only loot the levels you have passed.

5. Why do I receive "Hero Miss" message in battles?

    "Hero Miss" message appears when you attack with Troops of a certain Element and your team doesn't have the corresponding Hero of the same Element. If you want to avoid this, ensure that you have one Hero of each element in your team!

6. What are Elements?

    Each Hero has an Elemental type which grants them an advantage against Heroes of a certain Element, while also making them more vulnerable against another Element. The strengths and weaknesses of each Element go as follows:

⦁ Fire (red) is strong against Wood (green)

⦁ Wood (green) is strong against Water (blue)

⦁ Water (blue) is strong against Fire (red)

⦁ Yang (yellow) and Yin (purple) Heroes are strong against each other, but weak against their own Element.

    The damage done by your troops is greatly affected by the Elemental affinities. It can make a huge difference if your combo hits an enemy who’s at disadvantage – you’ll deal double damage on each hit.

    Remember that, when in battle, you can always check the Elemental Chart from the upper corner of the screen!

7. How is damage calculated?

    The attack value of a Hero is used as the base value for each hit done by the Troops aligned to the element of the Hero. The actual damage caused, depends largely on the defense value of the opponent, but there are many other variables at play as well.

    For example, hitting two enemies at once divides the damage evenly for both of them. Having multiple heroes of the same element increases damage done by that element.

8. How to recover the Expedition Energy?

    In the game, if your Expedition Energy does not meet the requirements of the level, you will not be able to fight. One point of Expedition Energy is restored every 10 minutes. When it reaches the maximum, it will no longer be restored. When your level is up, your Expedition Energy will automatically be full. You can also recover your energy by using the Energy Flask or by purchasing energy in the store.

4. Alliance System

1. How to join an Alliance?

    When your level reaches 4, you can click the “Alliance” to search an alliance and join it.

2. How to create an Alliance?

    When your level reaches 4, you can click the “Alliance” to create an alliance, it will cost 50 gold

3. What are the positions in the alliance? What are the corresponding permissions?

   There are four types of positions in the alliance: leader, co-leader, elder and member. The four positions have different permissions. The leader has the authority to change the alliance settings and promote/demote the members of the alliance. Co-leader also have the same permission. The elders can only agree to the members application, and cannot change the alliance settings and promote members. Members have no permissions.

4. What is the Titan?

    Attacking Titan is an important activity of the alliance. Only after joining an alliance, you can attack Titans. The Titan refreshes every 23 hours, and the entire alliance attacks together, sharing one blood bar. Depending on the result of attacking the Titan, the next Titan will increase / decrease the difficulty accordingly. After defeating the Titan, or the Titan escaping, everyone participating in the battle will get the corresponding reward.

5. How to recover the Titan Energy?

    One point of Titan Energy is restored every 4 hours. When it is full, it will no longer be restored. When your level is up, your Titan Energy will be full. You can also restore it by using the Titan Energy Flask.

5. Quest System

1. How to check the Quest?

    Quest unlocks when your level reaches 6. Click the button “Quest” in the bottom left corner of Home page, then you could check the Quests.

2. What types of Quests are there in the game?

    Many different Quests will be refreshed in the map of Quests. There are 3 types of Quests: Common, Uncommon and Rare. After starting a Quest, it contains different numbers of stage. Common or Uncommon Quest has 3 Stages, and Rare Quest has 4 stages.

3. Can I finish a same Quest twice?

    Within a limited time, you only could finish a same Quest once. Each stage of this Quest also could be finished just one time.

6. Construction System

1. What is the Stronghold?

    Stronghold is the core building. Upgrading the Stronghold will unlock more areas and higher-level buildings. Stronghold’s level determines the max level of other buildings.

2. What is the Watchtower?

    Watchtower is a building that produces resources. It will produce Iron and Food. The higher its level, the higher its storage capacity.

3. What is the Mine?

    Mine is a building that produces Iron. The higher its level, the higher its Iron production. After storing enough, it will show a bubble as a reminder. You could click it for collecting.

4. What is the Farm?

    Farm is a building that produces Food. The higher its level, the higher its Food production rate. After storing enough, it will show a bubble as a reminder. You could click it for collecting.

5. What is the Iron Storage?

    Iron Storage is a building that stores Iron. The higher its level, the higher its storage capacity. If the Iron you need is more than the Iron you stored. You should upgrade this building.

6. What is the Food Storage?

    Food Storage is a building that stores Food. The higher its level, the higher its storage capacity.

7. What is the House? What is the Recruit?

    House is a building used to store Recruits. The higher its level, the high its storage capacity. You could get Recruits from Quests and Expedition. Recruits could be used to train Heroes.

8. What is the Training Camp?

    Training Camp is a building that allows Recruits to be used to train Heroes. The higher its level, the more its types of training will be unlocked. When you unlock a type of training, you could use it in each Training Camp. Training will consume Recruits, Food and some materials.

9. What is the Forge?

    Forge is a building where could craft Battle Items. The higher its level, the more its types of Crafting will be unlocked. When you unlock a type of Crafting, you could use it in each Forge. Unlocking crafting types will consume some Food.

10. What is the Barrack?

    Barrack is a building where Troops are trained. You could edit troops to join the team on Edit Team page. Barrack unlocks at Level.10. The higher its level, the higher Troop’s level will be unlocked.

11. Can I build multiple buildings at the same time?

    Normally, you only can build 1 building at the same time. But you could activate the VIP Pass for getting the “A Second Builder ” benefit. As long as the VIP Pass is active, you can have this benefit all the time.

12. Can I remove some buildings?

    You can’t remove any building, but you can relocate it with longtime pressing it.

    Attention: There is no useless building. With the process of your game, you will finally have every building.



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